Should You Report Your Car Accident To Your Own Insurance Company?

Today I’d like to discuss reporting a car accident to your own insurance company. A lot of people are afraid to do so, especially if it’s a minor accident because they are concerned their insurance premiums may go up. However, your insurance policy typically will say that you have an obligation to report any accident within a reasonable amount of time, or your insurance company may not have the obligation to cover you for the accident. It’s important to read your policy, but typically you do need to notify your insurance company within a reasonable amount of time about the accident and provide them information that gives them the opportunity to investigate the accident and figure out what they may or may not be obligated to pay. If you don’t do that they might not cover you for your accident if you find out you’re injured down the road or if a claim is made against you for that accident if you were at fault. In Florida, it is typically required that you do notify your insurance company, but make sure you read your policy. It’s always a good idea to do so to make sure you have the coverage that you paid for.