Can You Pursue A Claim If Your Loved One Died In An Accident?

Today I’d like to discuss wrongful death actions in Florida. Florida has a specific statute that deals with wrongful death claims. That statute specifies who are proper claimants when it comes to the wrongful death of a loved one. Florida’s law basically says that a personal representative gets appointed to represent the estate of the deceased individual but these certain categories of claimants are the ones who could potentially make the claim through the estate in order to be compensated for the pain & suffering that they had to go through watching their loved one pass away in an accident. Those categories of claimants are typically spouses, children, and sometimes parents. There are a lot of situations that change this though and a lot of exceptions to the rule. It is very important to understand the law and see who could potentially make this claim under your specific facts to the case that occurred to you or your loved one.