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If you have ever filed a claim with an insurance company, you know how much effort it can take to get paid, even when you’re entitled to it under the terms of your policy.

Insurance disputes arise for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the insurance company involved is slow to determine whether a claim will be paid, or to what extent a benefit should be paid. Many times the insurance company just outright denies the claim – wrongfully. This can happen whether it is an automobile insurance policy, homeowner’s policy, life insurance policy, health insurance policy, property damage policy, or any other type of insurance policy.

At Zweben Law Group, we are committed to helping people like you resolve disputes with insurance companies and get the compensation they deserve according to their policies. We represent individuals, businesses, condominium associations, and homeowner’s associations in a wide range of insurance law matters.

We understand the complexity of dealing with these cases. We have experience in investigating, litigating, negotiating, and resolving insurance claims. We are fully familiar with the liability issues, ramifications, and legal options involved.

If you have a dispute with an insurance company over coverage afforded in a policy you have purchased, the best way to proceed is a thorough investigation and evaluation of the claim by an attorney with direct experience handling insurance disputes.

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