How Installing a Dash Cam May Impact Your Accident Case

Today, I’d like to discuss dash cams and how having a dash cam installed in your car can either help or hurt your case if you’re involved in an automobile accident. Dash cams are readily available now and relatively inexpensive to install on your dash. They capture the scene in front of your vehicle as you’re driving down the road. If you’re involved in an accident it can be helpful as it may show who is at fault for the accident. It may also show if someone cuts you off or if there’s a hit and run it could potentially capture the license plate or the type of vehicle that hit you so that you can track them down later. However, cameras are cameras and they don’t lie or play sides so if there is something that you did wrong it will capture that as well. If it captures audio of you talking about how tired you are or captures you speeding all of that would be potentially admissible at trial down the road to show that you might either be at fault or comparably at fault. It’s important to understand these differences and how they can help or hurt you. It could be a good idea to have a camera installed just for the purposes of recording what happened to help you out if you are involved in an accident.