Who is responsible for damages in an accident involving a work vehicle?

What happens if you’re involved in an accident with someone driving a work vehicle? Typically, if somebody is driving a work vehicle that is owned by their employer, their employer will be equally responsible as they are for the damages caused by the accident. Basically, if somebody owns a vehicle in Florida they are as responsible as the driver that caused the accident. So if both the driver, the owner of the vehicle, or the employer, in this case, have insurance you can go after both insurance policies to cover you for the damages. Also, a lot of times people drive their own vehicles for work. Now if a person is driving to or from work typically that is not during work hours and if their employer doesn’t own their vehicle and they are involved in an accident during the time that they are driving to or from work typically the employer won’t be responsible. However, if they’re actually on the job doing something for their employer at the time then their employer can be responsible for your damages if they get into an accident. It’s important that you look at all circumstances in a case and figure out if the person was working at the time to see whether there is insurance available and how much insurance is available to cover you for your injuries.