How To Safely Operate A Boat At Night

Operating a boat at night can be dangerous. Today I’ll review a few safety tips for when you are traveling by boat in the dark. It’s important to be careful and follow all of the proper safety rules. Make sure you have the proper running lights going when you’re driving the boat, make sure you know how to properly anchor so that your boat doesn’t drift, and make sure you always have a lookout on the boat as you’re going in order to avoid anything that might be in the water whether that be markers, buoys, things floating in the water, or other boats. So having other people on the boat be a lookout for you is always a great idea. In addition, make sure you go slow. You have to go at a rate of speed that is safe and the slower the better. That way if you get into trouble you’re not going fast and it could prevent a lot of injuries whether it be on your boat or another persons boat. So again, just make sure you read the rules and follow them, go slow, be careful, and of course do not drink and drive. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call here at Zweben Law Group.