How to Safely Drive After A Hurricane

Today, let’s discuss a topic a lot of us don’t want to talk about. It’s summer here in Florida and that mean’s it’s hurricane season. Hurricanes unfortunately are going to be threatening us. Hopefully none of them hit us, but we have to be prepared if they do. I want to talk about driving after a storm. After a storm the best thing obviously is to stay home. There is going to be down power lines, down trees, and limbs. It’s going to be dangerous. There might be some flooding, but if you do go out you need to be careful. First of all if you see any puddles try to avoid them. It’s very difficult to tell how deep a puddle is and you could get stuck in it. It could hurt you and it could damage your car. Same thing with tree limbs, you could have power lines stuck in tree limbs, and if you come in contact with one of those tree limbs or power lines you could be electrocuted so it’s really something you really want to be aware of and avoid. A lot of times after a hurricane there will be power outages which means that traffic lights could be out. If you come up to a traffic light & the power is out you need to treat that like a 4 way stop. Be very careful, make sure no one is coming, and stop for any sort of traffic lights that are out. Best thing is of course to stay home if you can after a hurricane, but if you have to go out these are good safety tips to remember.