Do I have a personal injury case if I am not hurt?

After a car accident, a lot of people go to the doctor because they have specific injuries that they sustained right in that car accident and they know they didn’t have that before. Some people a day or two later, they’re like “well I really don’t feel that much pain, I don’t know if I’m hurt you know do I still have a case?” Well, my answer to them is go get checked out because sometimes it takes more than a couple of days to feel the pain from a car accident. Sometimes it takes even up to a week to really feel the pain and the muscle soreness and such. So it is very important to go to a doctor to make sure you are okay and that you really don’t have injuries, Ultimately if you’re not injured, there’s really not much of a case to pursue, but sometimes people are surprised how badly the injuries are even though they didn’t feel hurt right after the accident. So it’s very important to get checked out by a doctor. Especially because you need to treat within the first 14 days to use your PIP benefits through your car policy, which pays for your medical bills. I hope this was helpful and hope this gave you some information about what to do after an auto accident, but if you have any other questions feel free to give us a call.