Who Is Liable In A Boating Accident?

Today, I’d like to touch on boating accidents. Here in Florida, the weather is typically great, especially in the summertime, and people go boating. Many of us go out to the sandbar or we go fishing, we may even know other people that have boats, and we might even go out with our friends. It’s important to know that there are special laws when it comes to boating accidents and not every lawyer is familiar with those boating laws. It’s very important that if you do get into an accident while on someone’s boat that you consult with an attorney that is familiar with those laws. Typically if someone is a boat owner, they are operating it, they do something negligently, and you are injured because of that you can go after their insurance policy to be compensated for those injuries. Unfortunately, liability insurance is not required on boats so some people may not have it, but typically most people do have insurance on their boat. It’s important to know how to ascertain what insurance there is if you are involved in an accident and to consult with an attorney that is familiar with boating laws.