It’s Peak Hurricane Season in Florida. What You Need to Know About Driving Around After a Storm.

It is still summertime in Florida, and we are in peak hurricane season, so there are essential tips I want to share with you about what to do if a hurricane passes through your area.

We can all hope that a hurricane never hits us. Unfortunately, the threat is real, so it is best to be prepared. After a storm, the best thing to do is stay home. There are going to be down power lines, trees, and debris that may be hazardous if you are driving around. Additionally, areas could be flooded, which leads to dangerous situations.

If you see any puddles, try to avoid them. It is very difficult to tell how deep a puddle is, and you could get stuck in it. Not only could you be hurt by it, but the water could damage your car. The same goes for fallen tree limbs. Power lines may be stuck in tree limbs and electrocute you should you come in contact with them. So it’s critical to be aware of these obstacles and avoid them.

Hurricanes also cause power outages, which means you may encounter traffic lights that aren’t working if you’re driving around. Treat intersections with non-working traffic lights as four-way stops.

Your best course of action is to stay home until things are cleared, but if you must leave your house, be careful, and remember these safety tips.

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