Giving a Statement to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company After a Car Accident

This is Gene Zweben from Zweben Law Group here to give you some information on what to do after you’re involved in an accident. After an accident insurance companies are going to be calling you. They want to find out what happened. With insurance companies, your own insurance company you do have to give a statement to and typically they record that statement just to get the information down for their records. And you have to do that because you signed a contract with your insurance company saying that you would do that if you’re involved in an accident. The other person’s insurance company is also going to want to talk to you to get a recorded statement as well so that they can use that against you if you make a claim against them. You do not have to give the third party insurance or the other sides insurance company a statement after an accident and I highly recommend that you don’t do that because anything that you say will be used against you later on when you make a claim. Now typically there is not going to be much you are going to say that is going to hurt you but you never know. It is always a great idea if you give a statement to either insurance company to have your attorney involved with you and there with you to explain what your rights are. So I hope this information was good and I hope it was helpful for you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you!