Will Homeowners Insurance Cover It If I’m Involved In a Boating Accident?

Today I want to discuss boating accidents and I get the question of whether or not homeowners insurance will cover you if you have a boat and you get into an accident here in Florida. The short answer in Florida is probably not. Typically homeowners insurance may cover your boat if it’s on a trailer and it gets damaged at your property and some policies do expand that out as well but for the most part, homeowners insurance does not cover your liability if you hurt somebody while operating your boat on the waterways here in Florida. Unfortunately in Florida also boat insurance is not required. You can own a boat and not have any liability insurance or property damage insurance for that boat. Now typically, that’s if you own the boat outright if you owe money on the boat or if it is docked in a marina, sometimes they do require insurance, but Florida law does not require you to have any sort of insurance on your boat to
operate it here in Florida. That’s why it’s so important that you speak to an insurance broker and get the proper insurance to cover you because even if you own a home and you have homeowners insurance If you hurt somebody you most likely won’t be covered. I hope this was helpful. Have any further questions feel free to give us a call.