Driving Tips During a Hurricane

Hurricane Season 2012 started five days ago and 2012 is shaping up to be an active season with two named storms before the season officially began. Hurricane season normally runs between June 1st and November 30th with the peak of the season during the months of August and September.

Below are some safety tips about driving during or after a hurricane or tropical storm:

Stay in your home or in your safe place. Do not venture out during a hurricane. During the aftermath of the storm, if you must leave your home or safe place, exercise extreme caution while doing so. Drive slowly to avoid hydroplaning and watch for other drives, debris, downed trees and tree limbs, and downed power lines.Always wear a seatbelt! It was been proven that seatbelts save lives. Do not drive through flooded streets. It is extremely difficult to determine the depth of the water. Not only may your car stall, but you run the risk of hitting tree limbs, debris, and downed power lines all of which could cause serious damage to your vehicle and/or serious personal injury.If you come across an intersection where the traffic lights are not working, treat that intersection as a 4-way stop and proceed with caution.

Remember, it is best to remain in your home or safe place for at least 24 hours after the storm. Additionally, never leave your home or safe place to drive around during the eye of the storm. The weather will deteriorate rapidly as the eye wall moves through and you may become stuck on the road.

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