After an Accident Occurs Can A Passenger Make A Claim Against The Driver
After an accident occurs can a passenger make a claim against the driver?
March 15, 2021
Are Pedestrians Required To Walk On Sidewalk Florida
Are pedestrians required to walk on the sidewalk in Florida?
March 29, 2021
Do You Have To Stop At A Crosswalk?

As many of you know as you’ve traveled around Florida and all different roads, you see crosswalks and those are the stripe areas whether or not it’s at an intersection or in the middle of the road that allows pedestrians to cross safely. Some of these areas do have signs that show you that it is a crosswalk and other times there might be flashing lights, and sometimes there are no signs at all. The bottom line is if there is a crosswalk and a pedestrian is attempting to cross in that crosswalk you as a driver have to stop and allow them to do so. If you don’t that’s a violation of the law. It’s always a good idea to stop anyway if you see a pedestrian crossing, the road because you don’t want to hit them. But if there is a crosswalk, you are legally obligated to stop and allow them to cross. I hope this was helpful and if you have any further questions about crosswalks or any other law here regarding driving in Florida, please feel free to give us a call.

Gene Zweben
Gene Zweben
Gene is the managing partner of Zweben Law Group located in Stuart, Florida. Gene's practice focuses on litigating plaintiff's cases throughout the State of Florida and has significant experience in: personal injury, medical malpractice, premises liability, wrongful death, Americans with Disabilities Act litigation, family law and general civil cases.

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