Personal Injury

January 14, 2022

What Steps To Take If The Insurance Company Denies Your Injury Claim

A lot of times people will schedule a consultation with me after they have tried to work with an insurance company on their own to try to resolve an injury claim whether it be from an auto accident or a slip & fall type of case. Generally, they ask me what to do because the insurance company is either denying their claim or they aren’t paying a reasonable value for the injuries they sustained. Typically I tell people that unfortunately a lot of times insurance companies don’t pay full value to people that haven’t hired an attorney. I know it […]
January 6, 2022

How Long Will It Take To Resolve My Injury Claim?

Many people come in for a consultation and ask “how long will it take to resolve my injury claim?” The short answer is there is no exact amount of time that it takes to resolve an injury claim. It’s all based upon what your injuries are, how much insurance there is, and some other factors as well. When you come into Zweben Law Group to discuss your injury claim we will need to know what your injuries are to adequately evaluate the value of your claim. In order to do that you will need to go to the doctor, treat, […]
December 17, 2021
are you required to use the bike lane when riding a bicycle

Are You Required To Use The Bike Lane When Riding A Bicycle?

Today, I’d like to discuss riding bicycles on the sidewalk. In Florida, it’s generally legal for a bicycle to ride on the sidewalk. Some people feel it’s safer to ride on the sidewalk, given that there are a lot of cars on the road. Technically bicycles are vehicles and should be ridden on the roads, however, when a sidewalk is available you are allowed to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk. However, any bicycle on a sidewalk or in a crosswalk is considered a pedestrian and must follow pedestrian rules. Also, you must yield to any pedestrians on the sidewalk […]
December 2, 2021
What To If Do Your Injured By Debris Falling Off Another Vehicle While Driving

What To Do If You’re Injured By Debris Falling Off Another Vehicle While Driving

Let’s discuss what to do if you’re injured by debris coming from another vehicle while you’re driving down the road. A lot of times, you may be following a truck or a pickup truck and they’re carrying different things in the back, whether it be paint cans, ladders, or lumber for example, and they may hit a bump and it might fly off their truck and hit your vehicle causing you injuries. If this happens, they are negligent for not properly securing that item down in the back of their truck, and you can go after their insurance for the […]
December 2, 2021
Should you report your car accident to your insurance company

Should You Report Your Car Accident To Your Own Insurance Company?

Today I’d like to discuss reporting a car accident to your own insurance company. A lot of people are afraid to do so, especially if it’s a minor accident because they are concerned their insurance premiums may go up. However, your insurance policy typically will say that you have an obligation to report any accident within a reasonable amount of time, or your insurance company may not have the obligation to cover you for the accident. It’s important to read your policy, but typically you do need to notify your insurance company within a reasonable amount of time about the […]
November 12, 2021
Can You Pursue A Claim If Your Loved One Died In An Accident

Can You Pursue A Claim If Your Loved One Died In An Accident?

Today I’d like to discuss wrongful death actions in Florida. Florida has a specific statute that deals with wrongful death claims. That statute specifies who are proper claimants when it comes to the wrongful death of a loved one. Florida’s law basically says that a personal representative gets appointed to represent the estate of the deceased individual but these certain categories of claimants are the ones who could potentially make the claim through the estate in order to be compensated for the pain & suffering that they had to go through watching their loved one pass away in an accident. […]
November 5, 2021
How Installing A Dash Cam May Impact Your Accident Case

How Installing a Dash Cam May Impact Your Accident Case

Today, I’d like to discuss dash cams and how having a dash cam installed in your car can either help or hurt your case if you’re involved in an automobile accident. Dash cams are readily available now and relatively inexpensive to install on your dash. They capture the scene in front of your vehicle as you’re driving down the road. If you’re involved in an accident it can be helpful as it may show who is at fault for the accident. It may also show if someone cuts you off or if there’s a hit and run it could potentially […]
November 1, 2021
who is responsible for damages in an accident involving a work vehicle

Who is responsible for damages in an accident involving a work vehicle?

What happens if you’re involved in an accident with someone driving a work vehicle? Typically, if somebody is driving a work vehicle that is owned by their employer, their employer will be equally responsible as they are for the damages caused by the accident. Basically, if somebody owns a vehicle in Florida they are as responsible as the driver that caused the accident. So if both the driver, the owner of the vehicle, or the employer, in this case, have insurance you can go after both insurance policies to cover you for the damages. Also, a lot of times people […]
October 22, 2021
Can I Still Make A Claim If I Wasn't Wearing A Seatbelt At The Time Of An Auto Accident

Can I Still Make An Injury Claim If I Wasn’t Wearing A Seatbelt At The Time Of An Auto Accident?

Here in Florida, it’s a law that you must wear a seatbelt when operating your car. If you do not wear your seatbelt you could be in violation and get a ticket for doing that. However more importantly if you don’t wear your seatbelt and you get into an accident and you are injured, it could be used against you to show that you are partially at fault for causing your injuries and it could reduce the damages that you collect from the at-fault party for your injuries. So if you’re driving a vehicle, you’re not wearing a seatbelt, and […]
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