What to do if You are Struck by a Bus

Imagine strolling down the street or driving on Florida’s highways when out of nowhere, you’re struck by a bus. A feeling of shock and disbelief is often the immediate response, but the aftermath of such an accident can be overwhelming and chaotic. Many people are uncertain about the right steps to take, making an already distressing situation even more daunting. But with the right guidance and assistance, you can navigate through this ordeal.

The First Response: Ensure Your Safety

In the shocking moments after a bus accident, your primary focus should be your safety. Seek immediate medical attention, regardless of how minor your injuries may seem. Delayed symptoms can often mask serious injuries. Apart from attending to your wellbeing, these medical records can become essential pieces of evidence if you decide to file a personal injury claim.

Reporting the Incident: Your First Legal Duty

Once your immediate safety is ensured, it’s crucial to report the accident to the local law enforcement agency. In Florida, any vehicle accident that results in injuries or significant property damage must be reported to the police. This official report offers an objective third-party record of the incident. It provides a detailed account of the accident, identifying any violations of traffic laws, potential contributory factors, and may include the officer’s opinion about who was at fault.

Documenting the Scene: Your Personal Record

Photographs provide a concrete visual record of the accident scene. Photos of the bus that hit you, your injuries, and the surrounding area can all be helpful. Try to capture the license plate of the bus, any visible damage, skid marks, or other roadway evidence, and the overall context of the accident location. If your injuries permit, photos taken immediately at the scene can be the most powerful, as they capture the reality of the incident unfiltered.

Collecting Contact Information

Collecting contact information isn’t limited to just the bus driver and bus company. Remember to obtain details from any eyewitnesses as well. They can provide an impartial perspective on what transpired during the accident, which can corroborate your account of the incident. In terms of the bus company, it’s crucial to note the bus number, the name of the bus company, and the bus route if possible. All these details can be pivotal when identifying the liable party and pursuing a personal injury claim.

Bus Specifics: Why It’s Different

Bus accidents are unique because they often involve larger entities, such as public transit authorities or private bus companies. These entities carry their own insurance policies, which often have different regulations compared to standard auto insurance policies. It’s also worth noting that buses, being larger and heavier than standard passenger vehicles, can cause more severe damage and injuries, further complicating claims.

Working with a law firm experienced in dealing with these unique aspects, like Zweben Law Group, can be an invaluable asset as you navigate your way through the aftermath of a bus accident.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Following a bus accident, you may find yourself grappling with insurance companies, medical bills, and potentially, a personal injury lawsuit. Engaging a lawyer can simplify this process. Your lawyer can handle communications with insurance companies, gather necessary evidence, negotiate a fair settlement, and guide you through the legal maze.

Partner with Your Legal Advocate at Zweben Law Group

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