To Sign or Not to Sign

Let’s face it, today’s economy is bad. Many people have had to find creative ways to cut back and lower costs. One such way is individuals who are seeking to obtain a divorce are choosing to go through the divorce process without hiring an attorney. Although this can be done successfully, it must be done with great caution and care. Emotions run high during a divorce, even when the divorce is uncontested and both parties want to obtain a divorce. It needs to be understood that decisions made during the divorce process will affect both spouses for the rest of their lives.

An agreement or parenting plan signed during mediation or at any other point of litigation will inevitably have long term consequences. This is why it is important to have an attorney review documents, especially Marital or Mediated Settlement Agreements or Parenting Plans, before signing the document, even if both parties think they understand what the agreement says.

Once a Marital Settlement Agreement or Parenting Plan has been signed, it is nearly impossible, or at the very least exceptionally difficult, to modify it. Modification can only occur if there is an agreement between the parties or if there has been a significant change in the circumstances of either or both of the parties. Many family law attorneys will offer a consultation for a nominal fee and will be able to give advice about what is contained in the document. Although paying an attorney to read over documents may seem like a great expense now, paying a nominal fee before signing any agreements may save you from years of problems, confusion, and unnecessary expenses.

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