Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Boating Accidents?

Many people in Florida assume that if they get in an accident on their boat, they’ll be covered by their homeowner’s insurance. But homeowner’s coverage is often very limited and it is not likely to include coverage for liability.

If you own a boat or if you enjoy outings in boats owned by others, you need to understand the realities of insurance and how to protect yourself in case of accidents.

Every Policy is Unique

To know what is covered by homeowner’s insurance, you need to read the details of the policy coverage, and you may need an expert to translate the language into terms that make sense to someone who does not work with insurance policies on a regular basis. If you own a boat, you can ask your insurance agent specifically what is covered. Often a homeowner’s policy might pay for damage that occurs to the boat while it is sitting on a trailer on your property. It might cover damage while your boat is docked at your property. It may not cover damage that occurs while you are out on the water, and it may not cover your liability for any injuries that occur while you are using the boat.

If you are injured by someone else in a boating accident, your personal injury lawyer should check to see what coverage is available to provide for your medical bills, pain, and other losses.

Liability Insurance is Crucial

Insurance generally covers two types of claims. There are damage claims when your boat or other property suffers damage, such as storm damage or vandalism. And there are liability claims when you or someone using your boat causes injuries to others. If you are found to be responsible for the injuries to others, then liability coverage could cover those costs. If you don’t have liability coverage, then those injured in the accident would seek recovery from your personal assets.

Everyone who owns a boat should ensure that they have liability coverage to cover accidents on the water. You don’t want to lose your house or your life savings due to a boating accident.

Boat Insurance is Not Required in Florida

Despite the popularity of boating for residents and tourists in Florida, our state does not require any type of insurance for boats used recreationally. That puts the burden on you, if you are a boat owner, to either ensure that your homeowners policy covers accidents with your boat, which it likely does not, or to buy additional insurance that will cover boat accidents. 

If you are injured in a boating accident, you cannot assume that the person who caused the accident has liability coverage. That makes it crucial to consult an attorney as soon as possible to start working on options to recover compensation for your losses.

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