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When you visit a hospital or clinic for treatment, you expect a high level of medical care. Unfortunately, negligence exists in the healthcare industry as it does within every industry, and people get hurt because of negligent medical mistakes. 

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What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice happens when a doctor, nurse, surgeon, or other medical professional fails to meet the expected standards of care and causes physical or mental injury to a patient. Read on to learn about medical malpractice laws in Florida and what kinds of lawsuits are typical.

Florida Medical Malpractice Law

According to Florida law, medical professionals are required to provide a standard of care that a reasonable professional of a similar type would  deem appropriate and acceptable. In other words, you couldn’t sue a doctor just because a treatment didn’t work as intended if the diagnosis and treatment would have been the same under a similar competent physician. 

Medical malpractice lawsuits result when medical professionals treat patients carelessly through negligence or unreasonable action that a similar professional would not consider appropriate.

If you’re injured by medical negligence, it’s urgent to hire an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. If the word “hire” scares you, don’t worry—most personal injury lawyers will not expect any payment unless they win your case, and you receive a damages award.

Common Florida Medical Malpractice Suits

Several types of medical malpractice suits are common in Florida, including:

  • Medical errors: A medical professional may be liable for injuries they cause by writing a prescription for the wrong medication, giving you a drug you’re allergic to, or another medical error in your treatment.
  • Delayed diagnosis: When a provider fails to provide a diagnosis or correct diagnosis, despite having the necessary information, it can cause your condition to worsen needlessly. A delayed diagnosis also results when the provider fails to share your diagnosis with you promptly.
  • Prescription errors: Pharmacists and other pharmacy professionals may be liable for providing you with the wrong medication or dosage. Prescription errors are frightening, as they can have life-threatening consequences.
  • Anesthesia errors: Improper monitoring by anesthesia professionals can result in injury due to too much or too little anesthesia, oxygen deprivation, and other injuries.
  • Surgical errors: Surgical negligence is perhaps one of the scariest forms of medical malpractice. A surgeon may be liable for leaving a medical tool inside your body, operating on the wrong part of your body, performing the incorrect operation, and other mistakes.
  • Pregnancy errors and birth injuries: If you are pregnant, a provider may be liable for not properly monitoring the pregnancy or not observing symptoms of fetal distress and other complications.
  • Elder negligence and abuse: Nursing home personnel can be responsible for an elder’s negligent treatment or maltreatment. Signs of elder neglect and abuse include bedsores, a history of falling, and unexplained injuries. 

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