March 29, 2021
Are Pedestrians Required To Walk On Sidewalk Florida

Are pedestrians required to walk on the sidewalk in Florida?

Today, I want to talk to you about pedestrian law. So if you’re walking somewhere and there’s a sidewalk here in Florida, you need to walk on the sidewalk. It is the law that you stay on the sidewalk if one is provided. If however, there is no sidewalk provided you can walk in the street, but you need to walk against traffic. So if you’re walking on the roadway, it’ll be on the left side of the road facing traffic. that’s the law here in Florida. It’s safer that way so you can see cars coming at you. Of […]
March 22, 2021
Do You Have To Stop At A Crosswalk?

Do you have to stop at a crosswalk?

As many of you know as you’ve traveled around Florida and all different roads, you see crosswalks and those are the stripe areas whether or not it’s at an intersection or in the middle of the road that allows pedestrians to cross safely. Some of these areas do have signs that show you that it is a crosswalk and other times there might be flashing lights, and sometimes there are no signs at all. The bottom line is if there is a crosswalk and a pedestrian is attempting to cross in that crosswalk you as a driver have to stop […]
March 15, 2021
After an Accident Occurs Can A Passenger Make A Claim Against The Driver

After an accident occurs can a passenger make a claim against the driver?

Today, I want to talk to you about whether or not you can make a claim against the driver of the car that you’re a passenger in. The short answer to the question is it depends. Many times you’re in a car and you’re involved in an accident and typically the other driver is at fault and you can make a claim against that other driver. but sometimes if you’re a passenger in a vehicle, the driver of the car you’re in could be at fault, and can you make a claim against them? So basically, if the driver of […]
March 1, 2021
Should You File Police Report After Car Accident

Do you need to file a police report after an accident occurs?

It’s very important after an accident that you call 911 and have the police come to document the accident. A lot of times somebody that gets involved in an accident, they’ll hit you, they’ll say, hey, you know what let’s just take care of this without insurance or let’s not get the police involved because they know that they may get a ticket or their insurance premiums may go up. You may feel bad for them and agree, but typically that’s a mistake. Down the road is going to be very difficult to prove what happened and sometimes the stories […]
February 23, 2021

Hit and Runs in Florida

Much like other cases we take on at Zweben Law Group, no two hit and run cases are the same. Location of the accident, if there were any witnesses, how much vehicle damage occurred, and the extent of personal injury all play an important role in the outcome. However, one thing is the same, if there is no insurance to pursue, you will have an extremely difficult time obtaining compensation for your damages.  This blog will answer some questions about hit and run cases. What if you are a victim of a hit and run? First things first: don’t forget […]
February 22, 2021
Dog Injuries Homeowners Insurance

If your dog injures someone, will homeowners insurance cover it?

Today, I want to talk to you about dog bites. When I say dog bites I’m going to talk to you not only about dog bites, but if your dog injures anybody in any way. Meaning that they could get excited and jump on somebody knocking them over, they could be playing with them and bite their hand by accident when they’re trying to get to a toy. So in Florida, it’s strict liability. If you own a dog and your dog injures somebody else you’re responsible. That’s why it’s so important that you check your insurance policy if you’re […]
February 15, 2021
Are you liable if your teenager gets into accident

Are you liable if your teenager gets into a car accident?

Today I want to talk to you about negligence of children if they’re driving your vehicle. If you have a child who has a license and they’re driving your vehicle and they get into an accident, you are equally responsible for any of the damages that they cause because of their negligence while driving your vehicle. In Florida, this is called the dangerous instrumentaldoctrine and basically what that says is that if you lend your vehicle out to somebody else, including your minor child, if they get into an accident you could be responsible. Now once they become eighteen if […]
February 1, 2021
Will Rental Car Be Covered By Insurance After an Accident

Will my rental car cost be covered by insurance after an accident?

A lot of times people come to me after an accident and their car is in the shop. They don’t know how long it’s going to be to get it fixed or it might even be totaled and they need a car to get to work. So, they ask me how they can get a car. Well, in Florida there are two ways you can get a rental car. One is through the person’s insurance policy that was at fault for the accident. As long as they have the insurance that is required by law in Florida, they should have […]
January 18, 2021
Should I Take Pictures After Car Accident

Should I Take Pictures Of My Car After a Car Accident?

I wanted to provide you with a little information about what to do after a car accident. A lot of times people come to me after a car accident and the car has been damaged or has been totaled and they don’t have pictures of it. It’s very important that they have somebody or they themselves take pictures of their car to document it for your case. It helps with both the medical claim and the property damage claim. A lot of times insurance adjusters for the other side that was at fault will use the amount of property damaged […]
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