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More than 40 percent of the children born in the United States are now born to unmarried mothers, and such circumstances do not carry the stigma they once did.

When children are born to unwed mothers it is often necessary to prove paternity.

Paternity is the legal acknowledgment of a parental relationship between a father and a child when the child is born “out of wedlock.” Either the mother or the father can file an action to establish paternity.

You will need to establish paternity in order to adequately address the issues involved in raising a child. Many of these issues are similar to those involved in a divorce, and include child custody, visitation (timesharing), and child support.

It is important to remember that both parents in such cases have rights and duties, and both parents need the advice and assistance of experienced family law attorneys.

We at Zweben Law Group are able to help both unmarried mothers and unmarried fathers understand their rights and duties and work with them to reach agreements that are in the best interest of everyone involved.

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