Tips for Co-Parenting after a Divorce

Going through a divorce is often one of the most stressful and traumatic events a person will go through in his or her life. However, despite this, when there are children involved, parents must continue to find a way to effectively co-parent and communicate after the final dissolution of marriage is granted.

Below are some tips for co-parenting after a divorce has been finalized.

Be respectful.Do not intentionally start fights or degrade the other parent. Remember, you have to work together and co-parent until the child/children reach the age of 18. Communicate. Effective communication is the key to successful co-parenting. If two parties are unable to communicate because of domestic violence or past issues, online programs are available for parents to communicate without ever talking.Keep the Kids out of it. Do not use the children as a communication tool. Do not send messages to the other parent with the children and do not speak poorly about the other parent in front of the children. Make a calendar, share it, and stick to it. Schedules are important for both the parents and the children. Create a schedule based on your parenting plan and share it with the other parent as well as posting it where the children can see it. This way everyone will know where the children will be and confusion will be avoided.

Document communications to avoid confusion. Save all text messages and emails so that they are easily accessible. Also, create a call log documenting what was discussed during each phone call.Aim for consistency in both homes. Keep the children on the same schedule for meal times, bed time, and wake-up time.Remember, effective co-parenting will not only make the parents lives happy and stress free, but will ensure that the children are happy and healthy as well.

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