Proposed Changes to Florida’s Alimony Laws

New legislation has been proposed in both the Florida House of Representatives (H.B. 549) and the Florida Senate (S.B. 748) that would make considerable changes to Florida’s Alimony Laws. If approved by the Legislature, these changes could result in significantly lower alimony payments.Some of the major changes proposed by House Bill 549 include:

Capping alimony awards at 20% of the payor’s monthly net income over the last 3 years of the marriage.Defining the length of a long term marriage as 20 years instead of the current 17 years.Limiting the maximum time duration for alimony based on the length of marriage where the length of the award of durational alimony may not exceed 50% of the length of the marriage and the length of the award of long-term alimony may not exceed 60% of the length of marriage.Terminating any award of alimony upon the payor attaining full retirement age.Any alimony award may not leave the payor with significantly less net income than the net income of the recipient unless exceptional circumstances exist.

Additionally, the proposed changes would allow individuals to go back to court to re-evaluate and re-work their alimony agreements after the new law takes effect.

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