10 Social Media Tips to Protect Your Family Law Case

In today’s social media world, the running joke is that a new relationship or a break-up/separation is not official until it has been posted on Facebook. People see their Facebook pages or Twitter accounts as an extension of themselves, and as such, discuss many private details of their lives on these very public websites.

Attorneys working in the area of family law have become keenly aware of this and now use these social media websites to gather sensitive information and evidence to use against the opposing party.

Here are some social media tips to help protect your family law case:

Make sure to set all accounts to the highest available privacy setting so that only your friends can see the information on your page.Closely monitor all comments made and all photographs posted on your Facebook page or any other social media page.Do not make any disparaging or derogatory remarks about your spouse or your ex-spouse on any of your social media pages.Do not discuss anything about your pending family law case on any social media website.Do not use your social media accounts as a way to vent about your case.Remove any pictures, videos, comments, or blogs that are questionable and could potentially damage your case.

Remember to closely monitor all social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, personal blogs, Flickr, or any other web albums.Google yourself using both a basic web search (remember to put your name in quotation marks) and an image search to ensure your privacy is being protected.Limit the amount of time you spend on social network sites during the pendency of your case.Remember that anything posted online can be used against you by the opposing party in a court of law.

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