Collaborative Law

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The collaborative law process is a private process in which both parties and their collaborative lawyers agree to resolve their dispute without going to court. During the process, a neutral facilitator creates a safe place for the couple to talk and to resolve issues civilly. Also, a neutral financial professional may be involved in the process to gather and analyze the financial information.

The lawyers and professionals are trained in the collaborative law process. During the process, the parties commit to an open and honest exchange of information. Through a series of meetings, the couple, along with their attorneys and the professionals, communicate and work together towards reaching the best resolution for the family. A settlement agreement containing all of the terms that the parties have agreed to is eventually prepared by the attorneys and then signed by the parties.

The many benefits of collaborative law include the following:

  • Avoiding long, difficult and often expensive court battles
  • Focusing on problem-solving and finding respectful resolutions
  • Creating cost-effective solutions that are beneficial for your family
  • Protecting the well-being and needs of your children
  • Maintaining decision making with you and your spouse or partner
  • Receiving the support and information you need from your specially trained team of collaborative professionals
  • Preserving your dignity and your privacy

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